Your Extraordinary Stories

Woah, you Manxies really are amazing!

Here are just some of the stories which stand out to us and highlight a true Extraordinary Islander. Feel free to share these stories wide and far and if you know someone who sounds like an Extraordinary Islander and is deserving of this accolade, why not show your appreciation to them in style?


    A group of laser cutter and 3D printer owners across the Isle of Man joined forces earlier this year to assist with increased demand for PPE during the COVID-19 outbreak.'

  • Rob Vine Fund

    In March, The Rob Vine Fund made its three frontline ambulance, all of its life-saving medical equipment and its unpaid volunteers available to the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) service to help support the Manx community throughout Covid-19.

  • Standard Bank

    In July, Standard Bank treated clients and staff to a personalised dining experience with two-star Michelin star chef, Michel Roux Jr, to help bring people together at an extraordinary time.

  • Manx-Universe

    Meet Caitlin and Chess! University students who have really thought outside the box when it came to overcoming a quite important problem over the coronavirus period.

  • Santander International

    Santander International showed its appreciation for the Isle of Man’s community support healthcare workers during COVID-19 with a healthy food gift delivered to their homes.

  • Ramsey Rugby Club

    The amazing community over at Ramsey Rugby Club came together at the beginning of lockdown to set up a delivery service for isolating and vulnerable people all over the North of the Island!


“This bright and colourful arc has become a symbol of hope and community spirit during these uncertain times, which is at the very heart of these awards.”