Who are our Extraordinary Islanders?...

The Extraordinary Islanders campaign has been created to record and highlight the remarkable actions that individuals and groups in our community have made as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives, while celebrating all that is great about the Manx spirit.

At a time when uncertainty lingers in the air and anxieties have been at an all-time high, we have seen individuals across the Isle of Man not letting this get in the way of what really matters, and going ‘above and beyond’ to do incredible things.

Many of these heroes have put themselves at risk to save lives, ensured there is food to put on our tables, worked tirelessly to rebuild community spirit, gone out of their way to help others and made sure that everyone in our small Island community is cared for.

Award categories

The Extraordinary Islanders campaign is split into seven categories, which are signified by the bright and beautiful colours of the rainbow. Thanks to our seven lovely sponsors, each award is kindly being championed by an Island business. Click below to find out more about each award!

Team Spirit and Wellbeing

RL360 is delighted to sponsor the Red Award which highlights those who have shown excellent ‘Team Spirit and Wellbeing’ throughout Covid-19. These individuals will have played a big part in bringing the community together, despite not being together physically, and creating a strong sense of teamwork during the challenges faced in the past few months and beyond.

Young Citizen

Many young people in our community really stepped up to help others and made a truly positive difference to the lives around them, for which ZEDRA who are kindly sponsoring this category believe they deserve recognition. This award is suitable for individuals and groups aged 25 and under.

Charitable Endeavours

The Yellow Award aims to recognise the charitable organisations in our community that have shown resourcefulness, adaptability and innovation throughout the pandemic. Those who have been able to adapt to a new way of working so they still meet the needs and expectations of their service users, despite being faced with never-seen-before obstacles and challenges.

Caring for the Vulnerable

Ramsey Crookall is excited to sponsor the Green Award which represents ‘Caring for the Vulnerable’. Nominees are those who have shown bravery and strength in caring for those who are vulnerable during the pandemic, and gone above and beyond what is expected of them to make things easier for those they look after.

Examples of these individuals might include carers of the elderly or disabled, nurses, doctors and other frontline workers, or simply anyone that has gone out of their way to care for vulnerable people since the outset of the pandemic.

Innovation and Technology

The Blue Award, proudly sponsored by Manncoin, celebrates the flexibility businesses showed in regard to ‘Innovation and Technology’ from the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Category nominees will be businesses or company leaders that developed new ways of tackling challenges brought on by the pandemic. By using the resources available to them and by thinking outside of the box, they were able to adapt to our new environment, improve productivity and make life easier for those who may have been struggling.

Overcoming Adversity

Boston are pleased to sponsor the indigo award for overcoming adversity. They recognise that many people put their own problems to one side to think of the needs of others and want to thank all of those, whether nominated or not, who found the strength to respond so positively at such a difficult time.

Outstanding Contribution to the Community

KPMG in the Crown Dependencies is proud to sponsor the Violet Award which recognises ‘Outstanding Contributions to the Community.’ This award is celebrating those who stepped up to help others during the pandemic, whether it was for a neighbour or friend, or as a part of their day-to-day job – effectively any act of selflessness or kindness that deserves recognition

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